What is a Blessing Bead?

Blessing beads are a lovely way to add a little sentiment to your space and a fun touch to your favorite piece. Drape it over your chair, have it spilling onto your coffee table or hang them from an armoire.  They make a perfect sercy for new babies, newlyweds or a wonderful hostess.  Each blessing beads is hand made and one-of-a-kind. To make your gift extra special, personalize it!

We make four sizes of blessing beads- Blessing Beads {30"}, Chunky Blessing Beads {15"}, Small Blessing Beads {12"}, Bitty Blessing Beads {7.5"}. All blessing beads are available as a cross or a heart. 


Meet MacKenzie: Founder, owner, giver.

When MacKenzie’s Aunt Ruth received prayer beads during a difficult time, she was inspired to make her own blessing beads. The business was born in 2012. It not only put her fine arts degree to use but also tied in her love for gift-giving.


Personalization is always complimentary.

Being in the business of gift-giving, we think personalizing your gift is important. That’s why we we work with you to personalize your sercy for the special recipient. Weddings, anniversaries, baby gifts, birthdays, bereavement, or just because - we want it to be special!


Our larger beads make the perfect special gift! Click on the image below to shop.


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